24 May 2013

I will be posting news articles of interest to the industry here until I get up and running in Portland, OR.

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Whey Too Much: Greek Yogurt’s Dark Side

Greek yogurt is a booming $2 billion a year industry — and it's producing millions of pounds of waste that industry insiders are scrambling to figure out what to do with.

29 November 2008

Our heritages and neighbors are We in America...Our grandmothers, our histories, our towns. These are the ingredients.

How about:
noble - american cookery
noble - american rusticity
noble cookery - american rusticity

I feel I have refined my restaurant approach...at least where my ideals stand at this point in this career.

Our Heritages and Neighbors are We in America...German, Italian, Irish, Chinese, African, Mexican, Canadian. Our great-grandmothers, Our history, Our towns. These are the influences.

Dishes should always be unfussy, never composed...in a traditional sense this will represent the rusticity of hearth-baked breads and tarts, spit-roasted meats, simply dressed pastas and market-gathered goods. Dishes will have few ingredients to maximize the potential of each singularly.

Local farms who practice sustainability - dairy, livestock, produce. Atlantic, wild-caught seafood. Our farmsteads, Our streams, Our indigenouity, if you will. These are the ingredients.

I want to emphasize and encourage their usage on the menu. Our resources are the heritage of the restaurant. I want to be responsible. I want to limit waste, recycle, support. This is American Cookery. This is Noble.

Noble American Cookery

2025 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Look to us beginning in January of 2009.